One Patient— One Medicine

EveryONE Medicines delivers individualized precision therapeutics, customized to the unique pathogenic genetic mutation of patients.


People living with a rare disease


Rare diseases identified today


Have no approved treatment


Have a genetic origin


Can attain a genetic diagnosis via genome sequencing

We need to have a serious conversation about serious medical needs.

Individualized treatments are becoming a reality—and EveryONE Medicines is at the forefront of this effort.

How We Do It

EveryONE Medicines is your ally as you navigate the complicated path to treatment for your loved one.

With next generation gene sequencing, we are now able to detect the genetic culprit of many previously undiagnosed diseases. Using insight gained from the diagnostics, EveryONE Medicines can rapidly develop nucleic acid therapeutics, helping patients quickly access innovative therapeutics specifically targeted to treat their unique mutation.

EveryONE Medicines
Is Different

We are an experienced team who provides end-to-end support—working closely with each other and partnering with key resources to make it all happen. Every step of the way we are collaborating with our colleagues, connecting with vendors, and introducing physicians to a new way to treat severe diseases. Not only that, we are committed to transparency and with our services individuals own their data, empowering families and patients.

Calling All Collaborators

We are always looking for other partners who align with our vision and deliver cutting-edge, quality work products. Whether you are a medical institution, a principal investigator, or a drug development resource, or you play another role in the process, we’d like to connect.

See How We Can Help Your Loved One

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