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Imagine a world where everyone could access individualized precision therapeutics that could slow or even halt their disease and improve quality of life. At EveryONE Medicines, that is the goal we are working tenaciously toward.


Let’s start at the beginning. Our story begins with Mila’s. After a happy and seemingly healthy first few years of childhood, Mila was diagnosed with a rare fatal neurodegenerative disease. In a ground-breaking race against time, Dr. Timothy Yu of Boston Children’s Hospital developed milasen, an antisense oligonucleotide targeting Mila’s unique mutation. Mila became the first person in the world to receive a medicine tailored to just one person. Since then, Mila’s mother, Julia Vitarello, has been on a mission to turn the work for Mila into a new mainstream way of solving the global crisis of rare disease in children. Julia co-founded EveryONE Medicines with the hope of creating a viable business model to bring this approach to all patients who could benefit. Together, we are working toward a future where individualized medicines are routine.

Video: Mila's Story
Video: Mila's Story

EveryONE Medicines is committed to developing individualized precision therapeutics targeting genetic variants causing severe central nervous system diseases, even if unique to just one person.

Everyone Deserves the Chance to Thrive

Let’s work to remove the enormous burden on families with a severe and progressive childhood onset disease.

Together we can bring individualized precision therapeutics to people across the globe who currently don’t have effective therapies. We can take the haphazardness out of the diagnosis and speed the process toward treatment.

Now is the time. Momentum is building as the technology to identify even the rarest of rare mutations is becoming better. Join us as we chart the path to a world where these diseases are diagnosed early and a customized treatment is developed rapidly and efficiently.


Our investment partners provide us with guidance and support as we work to achieve our vision and mission.

Meet the Team

We are experienced professionals who collaborate with each other and our extended team to change the landscape for how families help loved ones treat even the rarest of rare genetic diseases.

Nessan Bermingham
Interim CEO

Nessan is the interim CEO for EveryONE Medicines and plays a pivotal role in guiding the team and founders as we navigate the pathway forward to achieving our mission of developing individualized precision therapeutics.

He is also an Operating Partner at Khosla Ventures. He focuses on Life Science companies with a particular emphasis on nucleic acid editing, novel delivery systems, gene and cell therapy, novel target identification, and data analytics for drug discovery and development.

As a serial biotech entrepreneur and investor having founded multiple companies in the Life Sciences space, most notably Intellia Therapeutics “one of the top 10 biotech start-ups in 2014” and a “Fierce 15 biotech company”, Triplet Therapeutics, and Korro Bio. At Intellia, Nessan led the company from concept through partnering deals, multiple financings, and an IPO prior to its second anniversary. He served as president and CEO from inception until December 2017. Intellia’s work has led the field of genome engineering showing the first in vivo systemic delivery of CRISPR Cas9 for the potential curative treatment of ATTR, an inherited genetic disorder.

Nessan has held investment roles at Atlas Venture and Omega Fund Management, where he successfully invested in and managed multiple investments across the United States and Europe. He is currently Chair of F-star, Executive Chair of Korro Bio, and the former founder and CEO of Triplet Therapeutics.

He received his PhD in Molecular Biology from Imperial College London and was a Howard Hughes Associate Fellow at Baylor College of Medicine.

In his spare time Nessan is an avid downhill mountain biker, snowboarder, and ultra-trail runner.

Julia Vitarello
Mila’s Mom
Founder & CEO, Mila’s Miracle Foundation
Co-founder, N=1 Collaborative
Co-founder, EveryONE Medicines

In her quest to open up the field of individualized medicines which her daughter Mila pioneered, Julia co-founded EveryONE Medicines with the aim of making individualized medicines like milasen scalable and accessible to rare disease patients world-wide. In parallel, she continues to run Mila’s Miracle Foundation, as well as co-founded the N=1 Collaborative which serves as the global scientific hub for individualized medicines.

In December 2016, Julia founded Mila's Miracle Foundation (MMF) upon learning that her seemingly healthy six-year-old daughter, Mila had Batten disease, a fatal genetic condition with no cure. In an unprecedented race against time to save her daughter, Julia’s collaboration with Dr. Timothy Yu from Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) led to the first ever drug tailored to just one person, affectionately named milasen. After showing great promise in the first year of treatment, Mila’s disease slowly continued to progress. In February 2021, Mila’s big spirit left her little body. Driven by a sense of hope and responsibility, Julia is on a mission to turn the groundbreaking work that went into milasen into an impactful solution to the global health crisis of rare disease in children.

Julia has engaged academics, biotechs, government and foundations in this space and created a global following of Mila’s story and the potential of individualized medicines. She regularly presents at scientific meetings and conferences around the US and beyond. Through MMF, she initiated the work toward a novel gene replacement therapy trial targeting Mila’s variant of Batten (CLN7), launched a Neurodegenerative Disease Clinic at Children’s Hospital Colorado and co-runs the first single cell atlas of pediatric disease with BCH. Julia’s primary focus is now on moving “From Mila to Millions”, making individualized medicines a routine way of treating rare disease worldwide.

Irina Antonijevic
Chief Medical Officer

Irina leads the team towards its vision and works to implement our mission, including outreach to investigator networks, patient advocacy groups, and consultants. She also directs efforts from detection of the disease causing genetic variant to individualized precision therapeutics development, and ultimately clinical study design, including new customized biomarker development.

She is a clinician scientist with over 30 years of experience, trained in neurology and psychiatry. For more than 20 years, working in very large pharma such as Sanofi, and very small biotech companies, including Triplet Therapeutics, and not-for-profit organizations like CHDI, privately-funded and devoted to biomedical research for a single disease, Huntington’s Disease, she developed innovative drugs, including those for rare neurogenetic central nervous system disorders.

Irina holds an MD and PhD, and is board certified and part of the Board of Directors of two innovative companies (Biohaven Ltd., 4SC AG). She has been honored by the Huntington Disease Society of America for her dedicated work on a therapeutic for treating this debilitating disease.

Outside of work, Irina enjoys being with family and friends, and traveling.

Srinivas Chunduru
Chief Scientific Officer

Sri leads the company’s scientific initiatives from gene mutation selection to first clinical administration. He manages the strategic collaborations with partners to increase and drive performance towards a scalable therapeutic development process.

Sri has over 25 years of industrial experience in drug discovery and drug development across various disease therapeutic areas including rare-oncology. Throughout his career, he led the advancement of project portfolios from early discovery through Phase 3 clinical development. He has deep knowledge in conceptualizing ASO-based therapies and managing ASO pipelines. Prior to joining EveryONE Medicines, Sri worked in scientific leadership positions at Idera Pharmaceuticals and TetraLogic Pharmaceuticals. He established and led several research and translational collaborations in the US, China, and Europe. He was also a member of the business development team and was involved in licensing clinical assets.

Sri earned his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Akron. He then did his post-doctoral fellowship at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in pediatric cancer and at the University of Pennsylvania in autoimmune diseases. He has co-authored 30 publications and is listed as an inventor in several U.S.-issued patents.

Outside of work, he likes long-distance running and playing golf.

Barbara Douglas
Senior Manager,
Operations and Administration

Barbara implements organizational programs, policies, and operating procedures to monitor operational effectiveness, support the team administratively, and make sure everyone has the tools necessary to work seamlessly.

Barbara brings over three decades of administrative experience to her role at EveryONE Medicines and has honed her skills working for senior executives at Fidelity Investments, GE Healthcare, Boston Children’s Hospital, SevOne Inc, and Triplet Therapeutics. She is skilled at holistically performing a multitude of projects, while building working relationships with external stakeholders and counterparts.

When she’s not working, you’ll find her traveling, walking/hiking, and broadening her knowledge of horology, and as such she has built two watches for herself.

Deb Gouveia
Senior Vice President,
Development Operations

Deb works with the team to operationalize EveryONE Medicine’s vision. She listens to patients, discovering what is important to them to ensure that their voice is heard as we embark on the drug development process. She also liaises with internal and external groups to manage the overall strategic plan, including implementation and execution of timelines, budgets, and deliverables, and management of outsourcing partners.

She has over 25 years experience in drug development across multiple functions including clinical operations and development, regulatory affairs, quality assurance, alliance management, and outsourced vendor management. Having worked across multiple therapeutic areas, including experience with those that are orphan, rare, and ultra-rare, Deb has the skills to help our company take the next step. She also has experience in development of biologics, as well as small molecules, peptides, proteins, and antisense oligonucleotides.

Deb received her BS, Biology from University of Massachusetts Boston and is passionate about being part of medical innovations and technology on the cutting edge, especially those that help address an unmet medical need.

Outside of work, she loves to travel, cook, and spend time with her family and pack of huskies.

Keith Flanagan
Co-Founder and Policy Consultant

Keith works on policy strategy, regulatory intelligence, government relations, and stakeholder engagement.

Keith left FDA to co-found EveryONE Medicines.

At FDA, Keith focused on drug development, pathways to approval, and lifecycle management. He stood up two offices in FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research: the Office of New Drug Policy and the Office of Generic Drug Policy. These offices advise review teams concerning novel and complex regulatory challenges.

He also led or co-led FDA special projects including the Coronavirus Treatment Acceleration Program (expediting development and review of COVID-19 therapeutics), the Drug Competition Action Plan (closing loopholes used to frustrate and delay generic competition), and the operational turnaround of the generic drug program (eliminating a backlog of 3,000 applications).

Previously, as Senior Health Counsel to the U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions, he co-authored nine significant FDA/healthcare laws including two PDUFA reauthorizations, the biosimilars law, and the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act.

He earned his JD from the University of Southern California and his BA from Colgate.

Outside of work, he enjoys endurance sports and family travel.

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